2004-11-04 14:45:00

Newsstand - Port of Guayaquil, Ecuador – November 2004 # 18

New construction order for warehouse 'Hotel' to be ready by Jan.2005
We are very pleased to announce the construction order of our Fourth new warehouse to be named 'HOTEL' with an area of 9,000 Square Meters to be completed by the end of January 2005. This new facility will be added to the following warehouses:

  • 'Echo' = of 5,000 Square Meters – Inaugurated Jan 2003
  • 'Fox' = of 9,000 Square Meters – Inaugurated Jan. 2004
  • 'Golf' = of 9,000 Square Meters – To be inaugurated Dec. 2004

Adding the new construction Andipuerto Guayaquil S.A. will increase its existing warehouse and silos capacity from before the concession of 45,000 MT, for up to 160,000 MT of cargo.

Pier Maintenance completed.

At the end of Aug./04 it was successfully completed the pier maintenance in which was replaced by a renewed 15 cm thick new concrete platform with steel reinforced rebars. The previous platform was only 10 cm thick

.New ‘Mack’ bucket of 10 cbm capacity.

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of second 10 cbm ‘Mack’ Bucket. This new bucket will be the fifth acquisition of ‘radio-controlled’ buckets.

Live cameras at Andipuerto pier.

Now it is possible to watch live via internet the vessel activity at Andipuerto. Please request your user # and password # to

Please go on flw IP address:
then press ‘Single View’
Write down ‘user’ and ‘password‘ (Kindly request to email:
usuario: xxx
contraseña: xxxxxxxx
then choose:
‘Pier West Side’ or ‘ Pier East Side’
and you wil see vessel discharging ‘Live’

Mini Loaders ‘Caterpillar’

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of TWO new Mini Loaders ‘Caterpillar’, this equipment will be added to the two mini loaders ‘Bobcat’ purchased in 2003.

ISPS Code (Andipuerto Guayaquil S.A. obtained certification on July 1st/04)

“ I always knew that Security Manual would come in Handy one day!”

Photos: Warehouse ‘Hotel’ in construction. Warehouse ‘Golf’ in construction, New steel reinforced concrete platform for the pier

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