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Andipuerto and their commitment with San Pío de Pietrelcina School.

Fully aware of the importance in contributing with the development of their society, Andipuerto Guayaquil S.A. remains active with a Corporate Social Responsibility program keeping direct contact with their community and contributing with fulfilling different daily needs.

One of their main recipients is the San Pío Pietrelcina School, located in the Guasmo Sur neighborhood- Cooperativa Mariúxi Febres Cordero. From year 2016, many donations, educational seminars, and campus repairs have been carried out by Andipuerto.

Reutilization of Resources.

Andipuerto reuses wood and dunnage materials used to stow steel cargo on board of ships which arrive to their terminal. This resource is refurbished into school tables which are later donated to the San Pío Pietrelcina School. Recently, Karla Morales visited Andipuerto and the school to become familiar with this project. Her experience was captured in the following video.

Andipuerto will keep their commitment with the school’s needs in order to increase their educational quality. For now, their campus is not operational due to the online classes model. Nevertheless, the influx and donation of repurposed school tables will keep going until in person classes are reinstated.

Donations made:

Painting of tables and walls.

Educational seminar regarding risk prevention.

Formation of emergency brigades.

Provision of air extractors.

Provision of water purifiers.

Tables for computing labs.

Building of two in class bathrooms.

Building of a cleaning closet.

Installation of a front door for students.

Donation of 20 coffins during the pandemic.

Donation of alcohol and quaternary ammonium.

The social responsibility program of Andipuerto, has been built through the identification of the needs, reactions, suggestions, and responses of their stakeholders. This way, they make sure to carry out projects which create a positive impact in the community. Carrying out this program has allowed Andipuerto to widen thei vision and strengthen their business culture.

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